T20 World Cup Australia 2022: Sachin Tendulkar said the strategy to handle Shaheen Shah Afridi


T20 World Cup Australia 2022: Sachin Tendulkar said the strategy to handle Shaheen Shah Afridi
 T20 World Cup Australia 2022

Similar inquiry again before India's top request! The inquiry is Shaheen Shah Afridi. Could Indian batsmen at any point respond to that question in the current year's T20 World Cup? Afridi returned India's three top-request batsmen Rohit Sharma, Lokesh Rahul and Virat Kohli in the last World Cup. The left-arm pacer put India on the back foot toward the beginning of the match by returning Rohit and Rahul toward the beginning of India's batting innings.

The most effective method to stop Afridi is a similar conversation even before entering the field in this World Cup. Sachin Tendulkar made sense of how Rohit, Rahul will deal with Afridi On the planet Cup. Sachin midpoints 47.21 against left-arm pacers in white-ball cricket. The strike rate is likewise north of 80. So who could offer this guidance better than him!

Encouraging the batsmen to play Afridi's ball straight, Sachin said, 'Afridi is a forceful bowler, needs to early take wickets. He tosses the ball before the batsmen to get the swing. He can beat batsmen with speed and swing. So it is important to play against Afridi as straight as conceivable with the bat, for example "V".

The shortcoming of Indian batsmen against left-arm pacers is the same old thing. Despite the fact that Wasim Akram sideline, Mohammad Irfan, Junaid Khan, Mohammad Amir didn't languish less over the Indian batsmen. India's top-request batsmen endure against left-arm pacers as a result of getting the ball in with pace.

Other than the capacity to put the ball inside, Afridi likewise has a viable bouncer in his control. Remembering that, Sachin is requesting that the batsmen do the trigger development. Neither the back leg nor the front leg can settle after the trigger development. Since, when settled, Afridi's ball have opportunity and energy to change its place.

Afridi missed the Asia Cup and the seven-match home series against Britain and the tri-series in New Zealand because of a knee injury. He joined the World Cup game next to being without injury. The way that being out of the field after such countless days won't influence Afridi's bowling is obvious from his brilliant bowling in the warm-up matches.


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